Multi NIC and trunks implementations

This page covers scenarios where trunks and other multi NIC configurations are in place. There might be some extra configuration required to make everything work.

Normal 2PXE operation involves several binding to local interfaces, primarily for the DHCP and TFTP threads. The "BindTo" configuration value is used for the DHCP threads, as Windows handles multicast/broadcast responds in a very uncontrolled way, it needs to know from which adapter to send the broadcast reply, this is done by specifying the address for the DHCP threads to use when creating the sockets.

In some cases TFTP might fail to send the data from the correct interface and the servers UDP replies to the TFTP read requests ends up being sent from the wrong adapter/IP. In this case, create a new configuration entry in the .config file (next to the BindToIp) setting preferably, name it: "ListenToTftpIp" and set the value to the correct IP you want to use, such as "" (in most scenarios this IP is the same as the BindToIp value).

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